Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"We are already together." Isabella from Lost

Part 5 of Romances of Lost or Lost is a Romance Novel. -

Lost gets all Historical Romance on us in this episode.

It’s the late 1800’s. Isabella who had become very sick, died when Ricardo (Richard) was unable to bring her medicine. He accidentally killed the doctor after forcefully taking the expensive medicine when the doctor refused the wife’s cross in exchange. He sentenced to be hanged but a prison priest refuses him absolution and agrees to go to America (not knowing he will be sold into slavery) so he can redeem himself so he can go to Heaven to be with Isabella. Remember, back then peasants relied on the priest for guidance.

Eventually he agrees to immortality (long story) because he his told he will never redeem himself. (even though it was a truly accidental killing and never would have happened if they had Medicaid back then).

Anyway In the above scene it is present day and he is about to turn to the dark side and Isabella appears.

And darn it I cried again.

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